Heretics’ Notes

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JugglersPeople in Accidental Heretics

Pèire at Work
What Chrètian Sang
Another Entitled Woman Dressed as a Man?

Heretics’ PlacesCatalan-path

Organian Citadel or Heretics’ Shelter?
Geographical Synesthesia (natural history resources)
Heretics at the Beach? Holiday in the Languedoc?
Crossing La Mancha

Woman_teaching_geometryHeretics’ Technology

Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters
Toasted Lead and Iron Gall Ink
No Cards in Europe Until ~1400?
Codex versus Scroll: Form-factor Détente

saints_daysTime and Seasons

Time in Medieval Historicals: Ecclesiastical and Lunar Calendars
Mardi Gras: Feast before Ashes and Scarcity

QResearch and Resources

Textual v. Wikipedia Research (favorite source texts)
Naked Came the Werewolf: British Library
Master in Hi-Res at Rijksstudio