Song of Valeros (Book 4)

Heat shimmers on the Andalusian frontier.
Apparitions of saints manifest amid treachery and tragedy.

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404 pages
ISBN: 978-1-939423-79-5

War drums pound, echoing up the valleys where Moorish farmers and Berber mercenaries stand ready to resist the Christian invaders. The starving armies of Castile and Aragon are unable to find a path into Andalusia.

The future of Europe is at stake, driven by the hope that old-fashioned honor—paratge—can defeat evil ambition. Meanwhile, Tomas is spying deep in Andalusia for Pedro of Aragon. Isabella of Valeros and a confraternity of Occitan knights gallop into a trap set by the Crux Lunata to destroy Pedro. What’s crucial for victory and safety?
A djinni.
A Celtic singer of troubadours’ songs.
A resurrected noble woman from the Pyrenees.
A monk, accidentally turned renegade.
A Moorish mercenary spreading lies.
A Goodman heretic who just wants to go home.

Song of Valeros, Book 4 in the Accidental Heretic series, follows history into the heart of the Reconquista in 1212.  The text includes maps and a glossary of Occitan and historical terms.

Song of Valeros