At the twilight of the Troubadours’ world …

When renegade heretic hunters arrive,
Taresa of Valerós is armed with wit, second sight, and her lover’s third-best sword

Is that enough to save her?
Book 1 in the new Legends of Valerós series
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The Accidental Heretics Series

Bone-mend and Salt, Book1  Trebuchets in the Garden  Crux Lunata Book 3
Song of Valeros  The Mad Woman of La Catalane: A Novella  The Blue Door and Other Tales

Heresy by belief — or accident?
A Moorish mercenary seeks justice with a sharp dose of revenge.
A French knight banned as a Cain seeks respite, with a sword to battle his betrayers.
A Catalan widow holds her own fate, until a gold-sniffing priest accuses her of heresy.
Can these ruined crusaders battle conspiracy and disaster while trapped in a new war that has run amok?