Trebuchets in the Garden (Book 2)

Trebuchets in the GardenHow do you prepare for the dawn of the Inquisition?

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470 pages
ISBN: 978-1-939423-03-0

Trebuchets in the Garden, Book 2 in the Accidental Heretics series, continues the French medieval adventure of conspiracy and revenge. It’s summer 1210: Simon de Montfort is spreading terror across the Languedoc. Pedro of Aragón cannot persuade Simon to temper judgment with mercy.

As the circle of a vengeful conspiracy closes, a mercenary kills his enemy for revenge, but his soul suffers mortal wounds. A banished knight fights for honor in a siege city that’s dying of thirst. A lonely widow writes letters for dying rebels, when enemies condemn her for heresy.

Tomás, Isabella, and Jean-Luc continue the journey to restore their honor, find love, and protect their families’ legacy. However, destiny intervenes, and they each become entrapped in the Languedoc crusade—where Simon de Montfort prepares to ignite the next heretics’ pyre.

Trebuchets in the Garden continues the adventure that began in Bone-mend and Salt, deep in the spice-and-intrigue world of southern Europe during the Crusader era. This medieval historical fiction book includes maps and a glossary of Occitan and historic terms.

The story continues …

It’s the summer of 1210, and the so-called crusade against Cathar heretics is heating up in southern Europe. Tomás, Jean-Luc, and Isabella—the descendants of famous crusaders—continue their quest to uncover conspiracies against them. The trio becomes separated amidst new dangers presented by the marauding French army.

Tomás, the mercenary who yearns for revenge, is diverted from his quest when Pedro II, King of Aragón, demands his service. Tomás finds that working to negotiate a political solution with the Church is as dangerous as physical combat.

Jean-Luc, the banished French knight, strives to recover his honor but makes no progress until his military experience in the Outre-mer becomes useful again, putting him in greater jeopardy than ever before.

Isabella, now master of the Valerós knights, is accused of heresy and then becomes embroiled in a siege that imperils Catholics and peaceful “Good Christian” heretics equally.

Ignoring demands from Pope Innocent III to temper justice with mercy, Simon de Montfort advances his campaign of terror across the Languedoc. The trio is reunited in their search for respite and justice—just as Simon prepares to light the next heretics’ pyre.

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print: 978-1-939423-03-0 (437 pages)
ebook: 978-1-939423-01-6
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