Bone-mend and Salt, Book 1Trebuchets in the GardenThe Mad Woman of La CatalaneThe Blue Door
Slip into the world of the Accidental Heretics … when Europe altered its course

Wheel and SerpentWheel and Serpent – Legends of Valerós 1
Can wit, second sight, and her lover’s sword save Taresa of Valeros? She must get a message to the king of France. But crossing the Languedoc proves treacherous when Taresa and her companions are hunted as rebels after a murder at a Templar house. Taresa is armed with wit, loyalty, and her lover’s third-best sword. Is that enough to save her? This standalone story launches a series of interrelated 13th century adventure tales. Learn more…

TraitorTraitor – Legends of Valerós 2
A mage-knight, a lost boy – and treachery. Orlando of Troyes, an impoverished knight stranded in Carcassonne, awaits a promised reward from Simon de Montfort. Instead, Orlando is fighting a masked magical knight while uncovering betrayals down every alley. Then strangers arrive, telling of a lost boy who requires a dangerous rescue. Orlando has the chance to redeem his honor and prove his value as a loyal and talented knight—if he survives. Learn more…

Bone-mend and Salt, Book 1Bone-mend and Salt
Book 1 – Accidental Heretics
Fight or beg for mercy when enemies turn an unjust war against you?
When two cultures clash violently, how can you stop your enemies from turning the weapons of an unjust war on your family and villages? Book 1 launches an adventure of conspiracy and revenge in 1210, amidst the Languedoc crusade against the Cathar heresy. Learn more…

Trebuchets in the GardenTrebuchets in the Garden
Book 2 – Accidental Heretics
Can three seekers gain justice and respite amidst terror, siege, and conspiracy? 
Summer 1210: Simon de Montfort spreads terror to flush heretics from their lairs, shouting over the voices of the troubadours. Pedro of Aragón cannot persuade him to temper justice with mercy. Book 2 continues the adventure—as Simon de Montfort prepares to ignite the next heretics’ pyre. Learn more…

CruxLunata_cover_hiresCrux Lunata
Book 3 – Accidental Heretics
Down medieval alleys, across Andalusian rooftops, seeking justice, pursued by assassins:
It’s 1212. French knights are helping Castile and Aragon invade Moorish Andalusia. While the armies gather, an ink-stained monk uncovers a plot by Crux Lunata, a secret order of knights. How to both fight and hide while Crux Lunata schemes to destroy all they love? Learn more…

Song of ValerosSong of Valeros 
Book 4 – Accidental Heretics
Heat shimmers on the Andalusian frontier. Apparitions of saints manifest amid treachery and tragedy.
War drums pound, echoing up the valleys where Moorish farmers and Berber mercenaries stand ready to resist the Christian invaders. The starving armies of Castile and Aragon are unable to find a path into Andalusia. Book 4 follows history into the heart of the Reconquista in 1212. Learn more…

The Mad Woman of La CatalaneThe Mad Woman of La Catalane
A Novella in the Accidental Heretics World
In 1210, Isabella and Tomas, the mercenary she married, identified their archenemy. In late summer 1211, Isabella and Tomas set out to join Pedro d’Aragon’s long-planned invasion of Andalusia. However, their enemies pursue them, and Isabella flees for her life, seeking safety among the heretics hiding in caves in the hills. This novella supplements the story told in Crux Lunata, Book 3. Learn more…

The Blue DoorThe Blue Door … and more Accidental Heretics Tales
A Prequel Novella in the Accidental Heretics and Legends World
When Idris the hunter leaves his Atlas Mountains home to work as a mercenary in Andalusia, his grandmother warns that it’s his turn to change the world. Barefooted, with only a spear and a bow? This prequel novella is the life story of a Berber tribesman who came to fight for the caliphate in Iberia, in the same era that El Cid fought the Almoravid invaders. Learn more…