The Mad Woman of La Catalane: A Novella

A Tale from the Heretics’ World

The Mad Woman of La Catalane: A NovellaIn late summer 1211, Isabella and Tomas set out to join Pedro d’Aragon’s long-planned invasion of Andalusia. However, the Crux Lunata still pursue them, and Isabella flees for her life, seeking safety among the heretics hiding in caves in the hills.
Previously available only in Accidental Heretics collections, this novella is now available as a separate book.

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69 pages, with map and glossary

The Mad Woman of La Catalane, a novella, supplements the story told in Crux Lunata, Book 3 of the Accidental Heretics adventure series, a saga of people caught in the invasion of southern France known as the Albigensian Crusade.