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A Troubadour’s Dilemma (Legends of Valeros: 3)

Announced for Spring 2018

The prelate took the child-king of Aragon to Montpelhier for a year. Chretien of Valeros draws the short straw: everyone agrees that a bonfraire should help protect Jamie. In this dull and lonely post, Chretien befriends a rogue priest who writes songs, and who’ll gamble with him in the wee hours, while debating the meaning of life..

But then Yusuf appears, a student now at the new university at Montpelhier, with a wild tale that a monk has come to town to purge heresy from the university library. The request leads Chretien into more filial duty, and more danger, than one man can manage.

A Troubadour’s Dilemma, a standalone story, joins the series of interrelated 13th century adventure tales, Legends of Valeros.